"The most valuable things we will make 

in our lives are our memories."

For over two decades, Reverend Chenin West has performed romantic wedding ceremonies in Oregon and Washington. Always inspired by your wishes and words, the ceremonies she writes are tasteful, elegant and fun. Whether yours is a lavish wedding or intimate elopement, Chenin is focused on making your day every bit as magical as you are dreaming it to be.

Wedding Ceremony

Preform‚Äčed at the location of your choice. Rev. West will bring the details of your love story into focus, creating a romantic commemoration of your love and commitment to each other. The base fee below, includes your private consultation, writing service, the officiation of your ceremony and legalization of your marriage license

Fee: 220.00

Love ~ Life ~ Unity

Vow Renewal

Vow renewal ceremonies celebrate the strength of your bond and devotion, while renewing your promise to each other. Together with friends and family, Rev. West will paint a picture of  dedication, highlighting the joys and triumphs you two have shared. The base fee below includes your private consultation, personal writing service, and the officiation of your ceremony. 

Fee: 220.00

Love ~ Life ~ Unity

* Destination Ceremonies outside (Vancouver city limits)

are preformed for an 

additional fee.


 This prewritten romantic ritual takes only 20 minutes, freeing up your focus for the Honeymoon. Preformed at your local location. Same Day Ceremonies available. You must provide two witnesses and a valid marriage license. 

Fee: 140.00

A customized elopement ceremony plus additional guests can be performed.

 Fee: 220.00

  Love ~ Life ~ Unity

Reverend Chenin West honors all belief systems and works 

as an equality based officiant. She respectfully continues to serve the 

LGBTQ Community as she has since the inception of her career.

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A holistic approach to mind body medicine allows one to release their negative perceptions or emotional attachment to the past. Emotional attachment to stress can stand in the way of personal empowerment, healthy relationships and creative flow. 

Your session will begin with a feeling of comfort, safety and trust. 

The intent of each healing session is to 

inform, resolve and empower.

Please see the link below for

 more information.


 100.00 per hour

Love ~ Life ~ Unity


Clearing and Blessing

For centuries, spiritual practitioners of all beliefs have held clearing or cleansing ceremonies. Often new commitments can benefit from this practice. The spaces we inhabit or belongings own, can hold a negative energetic imprint from the past. When old energy is stuck in our homes, the people that live their can fell stuck as well. Clearing ones home can often restore peace and grant all concerned with a greater feeling of connection and trust with each other. Clearings are done with the utmost respect, while honoring your belief system.  Please see the link below for more information.


100.00 Per hour

Love ~ Life ~ Unity